theParentLink June Newsletter

Please share your view/experience/comments on June 2009 theParentLink from Pastor Angela’s office in the following comment area

Your practical experience sharing will definitely help other youth parents. It is more blessed to give  than to receive.

4 Responses to theParentLink June Newsletter

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  2. John Wuu says:

    theParentLink monthly newsletter is really helpful to me. It is very educational. To understand our youth culture, an old dog (like me) really needs to learn something new to properly communicate with my teenager child.

    Guess what? I just created an account in facebook two days ago. It sure takes time to link with friends and read friends’ comments/postings/pictures.

    I also noticed that time really flies when browsing friends’ facebook.

    Hope Pastor Angela could provide more educational material to us, so that we can be a good youth parent (less unnecessary struggles).

  3. David Huang says:

    Social Networking satisfies teenagers need of “imaginary audience” where they think the world must know what is happening to them. There are teenagers who constantly log onto facebook to update everything they are doing such as “I am in class” or “I am hungry.” They believe that people will read their status and maybe other people will respond or comment on their post. Social networking also provides a channel for sympathy because when you put up a pessimistic status message, many people will either click “like” on the post or comment on it, which generate more negative energy and the person might feel more need to update the sad stories about their lives.

    One thing parents and teachers should do is to acknowledge what these teenagers are going through. We should provide comfort and positive sympathy toward these kids. They need to know that you care about them and God cares about them too. No matter who what where and what, God is always watching and ready to comfort us. I find that kids who have a strong relationship with parents and God are less likely to log on to these social networking websites because the people around them satisfy their need of attention.

  4. Ruxi chiang says:

    As a parent, the information from newsletter is really helpful. When communicating with our youth,we can understanding them better.

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