Pre-Marriage 婚前輔導

What is true love? How should we know who is the right one? How do we have the right attitude toward relationship? Christian values are different from this world’s values when it comes to dating and preparing for marriage. You can find many resources and guidance here. River of Life Christian Church also provides pre-marriage classes and counseling!

男女交往中,人們到底該以怎樣的價值觀來選擇伴侶、尋找真愛呢?周圍這樣不尊重珍惜感情的世界價值觀,與 神建立美好的關係,是與未來另一半建立美好關係的基礎!以下分類中提供了許多參考及資源來幫助你了解及學習。生命河靈糧堂也定期提供婚前輔導課程,也有專人提供婚前輔導的協談及幫助喔!

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