黃維仁博士[親密之旅] 2009/5/24北美培訓迴響 部落格

This blog is an open space for students who attended 5/24/2009 North America JTI training (held at ROLCC, Santa Clara, California) to share your experience and learning from this two-day training.

We welcome your comments. Your sharing will encourage others and your feedback/ suggestions will help organizer’s planning in the future.

6 Responses to 黃維仁博士[親密之旅] 2009/5/24北美培訓迴響 部落格

  1. Linda Pao says:

    I did not know who Dr. Huang is until the seminar. I’ve learned quite a few things from the seminar. I’ll just share two of them. The first thing that makes me think is “good intension does not equate to good result”. Maybe my help ends up complicate their problem. Since I am a cell leader and also teach pre-marriage counseling class, I have to keep in mind not to rely on my personal experience / feelings to jump into conclusion to offer help. Dr. Huang mentioned that Jesus accepts first, then encourage and challenge people to do better.

    The second interesting point is that “Do you want to be right or be married?” Often the arguments or comments between me and my husband are small things. I need to remind myself it is fine to have different opinions and feelings toward one thing; and he does not have to agree with me all the time. I often tell myself, what do I get for winning or for being right? There is no trophy for winning, not even three minutes of joy. I may end up with a bigger price to pay…damaged relationship in marriage. My spouse should be my intimate lover, the one I’ll spend the rest of my life with. Nothing is more important than our relationship.

  2. Paul Huang says:



  3. chunling liu says:

    I have been to Dr. Huang seminar for 3 years in a row. Every time I learn something new.
    This time, I have learned “Being is more important than doing” and ” relationship is more
    important than efficiency.” Often I find myself try to be efficient and ignore relationship.
    It takes patience to be relationship oriented. When people just fell in love, relationship is
    honored and everything you do is sweet. But soon after, we try to achieve instead of
    to grow. So “doing” and “efficient” becomes priority.

  4. Steve F. says:

    Our joyful training led by Dr. Huang has reinforced the relationship between the married couple, as “Buffalo” and “Butterfly”. Please visit my blog for your review and comment. Thanks.

    SF for MiraBay


  5. Steve F. says:

    The training program led by Dr, Huang was so fascinating that has enabled to improve the relationship between the married couple after all. For my sharing, please visit my blog:


    Steve F. for MiraBay – mirror on His words

  6. Tim says:

    I concur Paul Huang’s statement.

    For personal or couple learning to improve couple relationship or seeking for more practical exercise, I am not sure if by watching DVD as the main training/learning method will work. I recommend MER 恩愛夫妻營 (Marriage Enrichment Retreat) if you have not been there yet.

    There are much more practical and touching teaching there. In my opinion, that probably leads to better results. For those have been in MER, I even believe to join MER 2nd times should help my improvement more effectively.

    For those who participated the 2 day classes to becoming a JTI leader, allow me to share my thought:
    Regarding to the “certificate of participation” we received, are we ready and feel we are “certified” after this 2 days class? I guess not. Since majority of the real teaching are in his DVD (unfortunately I don’t have the DVD yet). We have to watch the entire DVD and learn, practice the in-depth knowledge from the DVD. Fail to do so in my opinion the “certificate of participation” does not result too much value. So for those who have the DVD, how many of us have watched them with our very busy schedule? (together with your spouse or other couples to learn, practice and internalize), not easy job. I envy you if you accomplished that.

    I am very curious about how many students have started watching/practicing more contents from the DVD, after we received our first “certificate”. If you have not done that, better hurry up to do it then share with us you can make it to encourage all of us with hope.

    Are there any organized group continue learning including DVD viewing, rehearsing, etc?

    For Dr. Huang, I sincerely respect and admire his passion and profession.


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